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Welcome to Serenity Lake Stables!

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 2, 2011, 7:34 AM

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History/ Information

Serenity Lake Stables is a family run equine competition business, situated in the south east of England.
Named after the late Michael Serenity, the estate was built in the mid-1850's to be used for farming and agricultural purposes. However, the passing of the original owner meant the land was open to buyers. Eventually, the property was bought by the Appleby's with hope that they could renovate the old farm into fine equestrian facilities. Of course, they kept some of the orignal features such as the well-known lake named in Michael Serenity's honour, and the rapeseed field behind one of the paddocks.
There are 18 stalls in total, and separate pastures are provided for stallions, mares, mares with foals and other young horses. Stables and paddocks are also available which can be sectioned, and enables horses to be separated off if they are in need of veterinary attention or training of some sort.

Serenity Lake's main focus is breeding warmbloods and sport horses for English riding, with the breed of choice being the trakehner.

Map: (additional information can be found here)


Colin Appleby
Father of Josie and William
Owner and manager of Serenity Lake
Riding instructor
Rider and trainer
Dressage rider and show jumper

William Appleby
Son of Colin, brother of Josie
Riding instructor
Rider and trainer
Cross country rider and show jumper

Josie Appleby
Daughter of Colin, sister of William
Rider and trainer
Eventing rider

Liam Smith
Employed by the Appleby's
Rider and trainer
General stable hand
All-round rider

Sebastián Padre
Employed by the Appleby's
Rider and trainer
Dressage rider

Angelica Castello
Female/22/50% Spanish 50% Mexican
Employed by the Appleby's
Rider and trainer
Eventing rider


List of our stallions:…
List of our mares:…

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